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You may download a sample project by clicking the link above. This sample code is intended to assist developers who are implementing the Web Service or who are considering a subscription to the Web Service option.

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Limited Access DMF Web Service

Product Overview:

  • Used to integrate SSN verification with an external system using web service protocol
  • Subscriptions are based on the number of queries performed
  • Web Service Subscriptions do not grant access to the "Search The Limited Access DMF" single search service. To Use the "Search The Limited Access DMF" single search service, view User-Based Subscriptions here.

You may want this product if:

  • You plan to write your own program to interface with the database

Subscribers may purchase access to the Social Security Administration’s Limited Access Death Master File (DMF) Web Service for a particular number of queries—5,000, 15,000, 25,000, 50,000, 100,000, or 200,000 queries, but should not purchase more than they feel they will use in one year. Subscribers will be provided with a user ID and password and can then write their own program to interface with the Web Service. The number of queries performed will be deducted from the subscription. The subscription will expire when the number of queries selected has been reached or at the end of one year, whichever occurs first. Web Service access is recommended for companies and government agencies that need to integrate a Social Security verification process with an existing program, e.g., a bank needing to verify the Social Security number of a new account holder automatically while setting up the new account, or an office, such as the Division of Motor Vehicles, that may wish to integrate a Social Security number verification with its driver’s license application process. The Web Service is not recommended for companies that do not wish to write their own integration programs or that do not need to automate Social Security number checking with an existing system.

The Web Service subscription is intended for subscribers who wish to integrate a Limited Access DMF check with an existing system. The query is sent to the database and the results are returned in XML format. The results can then be processed by the subscriber’s system as desired. Queries are deducted from the subscription as they are performed.

Details and sample implementation of the Limited Access DMF Web Service can be found here.

Web Services can be implemented with any language platform, including Macromedia Dreamweaver/Cold Fusion, Microsoft .NET applications, etc.

For more information on integrating a Web Service with Macromedia Dreamweaver/Cold Fusion, click here.

For more information on integrating a Web Service with a .NET application, click here.

To purchase a subscription to the Limited Access DMF Web Service, click the "Subscribe" link beside the product you wish to purchase. Or, you may download an order form and send it by fax or mail to NTIS.

Order No. DMFWEB

Government regulations require that the information you wish to process be encrypted.

Your information will automatically be encrypted when the request is sent to our server. uses SHA-1 With RSA 2048 Encryption to encrypt your information.

If you have any questions, please contact Global Internet Management at 1-800-538-3539 or by email at
5000 Queries $ 1,500.00Subscribe!
15000 Queries $ 2,850.00Subscribe!
25000 Queries $ 3,500.00Subscribe!
50000 Queries $ 3,750.00Subscribe!
100,000 Queries $ 4,000.00Subscribe!
200,000 Queries $ 6,000.00Subscribe!
400,000 Queries $ 8,800.00Subscribe!
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