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Limited Access Death Master File (DMF) - FAQs

How often is the Limited Access DMF updated?

The Limited Access DMF is updated on a weekly basis. The database is updated using data supplied directly by SSA.

What if I find an error in a record?

GIM and NTIS have no control over the content of the Limited Access DMF. If you discover an error, you should contact your local Social Security office to make a correction.

Does the Limited Access DMF contain the original Application for a Social Security Card (Form SS-5) for the deceased person?

No.  The Limited Access DMF contains only the following information:  Social Security Number, Name, Date of Birth, Date of Death.  Some of this information may be incomplete for some records.

Information on obtaining Form SS-5 can be found on the Social Security Administration website (, here.

Does the Limited Access DMF contain the death certificate for the deceased person?

No. The procedure for obtaining a death certificate varies by state. You should check with your local government for instructions.

Can you provide me with any additional information if I didn't find it in my search?

No. The only information we have is what is found in the Limited Access Death Master File. If it was not found in your search, then it is not in the database at all and unfortunately we cannot provide anything further. Remember that SSA does not guarantee the accuracy of the Limited Access DMF. The Limited Access DMF may not contain a record for every deceased individual, and the records it does contain may be incomplete.

Do I need a separate user name and password for each user?

If your subscription allows you to have more than one concurrent user, then each user must have a unique username.  You may use the same password for each user, if you want.

How do I add users?

If you are the account administrator, you will see a link for "My Account" on the left side menu under "My Tools."  You will need to click on the name of the subscription at the bottom of the My Account page.  Click "Add New User" to create a new user.  There is more detailed help available on those pages.

How do I change my password?

You may change your password and any other information about you in the system by clicking on "My Tools" and then "My Profile".  Enter your new password into the Password and Re-type Password fields.  Change any other information, as desired.  The password, email address, and first and last name fields are required.

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