Limited Access Death Master File (DMF) Automated Batch Processing Annual Subscription -- 1 User Plus Selected Query Levels

Product Overview:

  • Useful for checking and rechecking the same list of numbers
  • Check your list automatically on a weekly or monthly basis
  • Upload numbers from a text file or enter them manually
  • Batch Query Subscriptions do not grant access to the "Search The Limited Access DMF" single search service. To Use the "Search The Limited Access DMF" single search service, view User-Based Subscriptions here.

You may want this product if:

  • You will be searching the same numbers regularly


Subscribers may purchase a particular number of queries to the Social Security Administration’s Limited Access Death Master File (DMF)--1,000, 2,500, 5,000, or 15,000, but should not purchase more than they feel they will use in one year. Subscribers may maintain a list of Social Security numbers on the servers and set a date at which the list will be checked automatically by the program. The results of each verification will be emailed to the subscriber. The number of queries used each time a batch query is performed will be deducted from the subscription. The subscription will expire when the number of queries selected has been reached or at the end of one year, whichever occurs first. Automated Batch Processing is recommended for companies and government agencies that need to check large lists of numbers on a regular basis, e.g., a bank confirming that recipients of monthly benefits checks are still alive. The bank could maintain a list of the recipients on the server and schedule it to check the list once each month. Automated Batch Processing is not recommended for companies that need to run queries only once or twice per year, nor for companies or individuals who need to check only a few numbers at a time, nor for companies that do not need to check the same numbers more than once.

The subscriber logs in to the website and uploads a text file consisting of the Social Security Numbers to be checked on a regular basis against the Limited Access DMF. The subscriber indicates how often and when the list should be checked. The system checks the list against the Limited Access DMF at the specified times and returns the results of the query to the subscriber via email. Each time the list is checked, the number of queries performed is deducted from the subscription.



To order a subscription for Automated Batch Processing, click the "Subscribe" link beside the product you wish to purchase. Or, you may download an order form and mail or fax it to NTIS.

Government regulations require that the information you wish to process be encrypted.

Your information will automatically be encrypted when it is uploaded. uses SHA-1 With RSA 2048 Encryption to encrypt your information.

For further information on SSDMF product availability, visit the NTIS website.

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